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Repertoire & Instruments



The Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra concentrates mostly on the rich collection of works stemming from the Strauss Dynasty.
Our group of experts in the music of the Strauss Family place special emphasis on achieving a balance between repertoire of the internationally renowned composer and the seldom heard music composed by other members of the Strauss Family. A great challenge for all interpreters of Strauss' music is the difficulty in locating sources of original performance practice, due to the destruction of the 3 Strauss brothers' Archives by Eduard Strauss I. that took place in 1907. The Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra meets this challenge in an exceptional manner: On the one hand, the traditional manner of execution, originating partly from Austrian folk music, plays a major role in their performances. On the other hand, the most recent knowledge obtained by research on Strauss' music, taken from the latest revision of the New Complete Works of Strauss by the Viennese Publishing Group Hermann, is incorporated into the orchestra rehearsals.

It goes without saying that the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra is also dedicated, with just as much devotion, to works of other great composers of this era, such as Josef Lanner, Franz von Suppé, Karl Millöcker, Karl Michael Ziehrer, and Franz Léhar, to name a few.


The Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra uses the same instruments that have been traditionally preferred by the Strauss Family, according to authentic explanations by direct descendants of the Family itself.
Since it's founding, the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra ensures that the following core instruments are used for performance:

10 first violins 5 second violins 3 violas 3 cellos 3 double-basses
2 flutes 2 oboes 2 clarinets 2 bassoons
Viennese French horns 2 trumpets 1 trombone
timpani 1 percussion
1 harp